Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hangzhou - Beautiful West Lake and Famous Tea

Hangzhou is one of the most important tourism cities in China, famous for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritages. In addition, it is the political, economic and cultural center of the Zhejiang province. The most well-known attraction in Hangzhou is the West Lake - in fact it featured on the back of the 5 Reminbi note.

On West Lake...

Six Harmonies Pagoda offers a panoramic view of Hangzhou West Lake.

The famous pagoda overlooking Hangzhou West Lake.

Father and Son - beautiful West Lake in the background.

I wish they allow fishing on the lake....

For patrons wanting to sail across the lake.

David hanging on to the sages....

I like this picture taken by Hannah.

Do - Ray - Me....

Musical Fountain show on Hangzhou West Lake - wish they synchronized the movements to music and add more colors like they do at Sentosa Island in Singapore - but overall, it was well done and we enjoyed it.

Another view - glad to have captured this shot.

Another horse picture - this one is made of solid brass.

Is this a vegetable or a fruit? - grown and harvested from water lilies so commonly found on Hangzhou WestLake.

Making our way to the Summit....

Listen to what happened - were we taken for a ride?

Almost at the top of the summit. Look at the guy in the background - how precarious and dangerous - what are you trying to prove - IronMan?

To the top we go.....

A resting shelter before the summit.

View of Hangzhou West Lake from the summit.

At the base - see below and appreciate how far we have trekked, first from the base to the top and finally back down to the lake where we took the picture - we lost a few pounds doing it :-)

View from West Lake - so proud we walked all the way to the summit and then down to the lake.

In and around Hangzhou...

These are the famous Hangzhou Tea - ready for purchase.

The kids just cannot resist horses...

We found the best dumplings in Hangzhou.

Jin Wei Lai is opened 24 hours - this MacDonald styled restaurant serves several inexpensive meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food was really good and affordable - we came back twice - once for dinner and the other for breakfast.

Chinese Fast Food - who would have thought of that???

When we walked into his restaurant - the owner knew I was not a local without me speaking a word. So, out of curiosity, I asked him. His reply - "Your T-shirt" - it is from Bass Pro Shop and he has one. Later he told us that his son is completing his doctoral studies at the University of Michigan

Fabulous Bull-Frog Legs.

Hangzhou glazed pork.

Stir fry beef with green beans - another winner.

Restaurant where we ate - this was the last meal before we head for the airport to return to Xiamen.

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