Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 27 - A Special Day for my David

David turns 11 today - what a blessed day - I remember his birth back in 1998. Shortly after his birth, I started my Ph.D program and till this day, he is my Ph.D baby. What was I thinking!!!

My good-natured boy!

Always thoughtful and cool at the same time.

Snorkeling in Phuket.

He bargained hard for those cool shades in Phuket.

Without our prompting, the hotel manager presented David with a complimentary birthday cake. What a nice touch - we will come back again.....

Our family tradition - singing Happy Birthday and presenting gifts to David in bed....

More gifts.....

The boy and his cars - I bought the tiger print in Hangzhou - David is a tiger in the Chinese Zodiac.

I know what you are thinking - "5 more years and I will be able to drive"....

Always animated and fun to be around...

The birthday boy is thrilled with the present - thanks to Ashley and Stacy, his cousins - they have good taste. Rose and Tay had us over at their home to celebrate David's belated birthday.

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