Monday, October 27, 2008

Integration of Faith and Learning in Higher Education

Last week, I included this article by Dr. Dockery, President of Union University as a class assignment. I like this article - Dr. Dockery provided historical context of the origins of Christian Higher Education in the U.S - how the integration of faith and learning was the essence and goal of almost every college in America. However that has all changed and now we have about only 800 colleges and universities still maintaining some form of church relationship or affiliation.

Upon reading this article, students will learn about the foundation and purpose of Christian Higher Education. This understanding is important - I want them to reflect on what this means in their personal lives, in their faith walk, and how this worldview can impact others. I hope to share some of their reflections (in general terms) in a future post.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

WIC Conference, Oct. 24-25, 2008

Every Fall, the women of the PCA (western NC presbytery) gather at Ridge Haven Conference Center near Brevard, NC, for two days of fellowship, learning and worship. Susan Hunt, a well-known author, public speaker and Bible scholar, discussed Titus 2, and the true calling of women. Excellent, insighful and challenging presentation with an equally powerful Q & A session. Truly, words of wisdom from a loving Christian woman who seeks to encouage future generations of women to know the Scriptures and practice its wisdom as directed by God.

Our First Video - David's Popcorn Sales Success Story

We celebrate with David on his accomplishment - he is a great salesman.

David receiving his award ($100 Gift Certificate from Walmart) from his Scout Master Mr. Howie.

Look what we found in our nearby creek :-)

Today David and Hannah found this crayfish! It looks a little scary, but is harmless. Crayfish are in the lobster family. We found them in our fresh water creek, took these pictures, and let them go unharmed. We love the creek and its critters, especially the salamandars.

Attack of the CLAWS!

And another.

Here are some more - notice the fresh water salamandar.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some pictures of the house

Hi All, We thought we would share some pictures. Montreat is a unique place. Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, lies a community of about 700 permanent residences, with the college and the conference center. There are about 450 students at this campus where I work - the rest are in Asheville and Charlotte and during the summer months, the conference center attracts thousands of people who come from all over for church retreats. In years' past, the college and the conference center were one entity but they split during the 1960s I believe. I am only a mile from work and sometimes I do walk though it is more convenient driving. There is much wild life here - black bears, foxes, and plenty of deer.

Front of house

View of dining room where homeschooling occurs

The Teo Christian Academy (yes the government requires us to name our school and that is the official name) - the best teacher, the best female student and the best male student. Picture taken by the principal :-)

The teacher taking a break for a good cause. We are depending on the wood burning fireplace to keep us warm throughout the winter.

Our maid took this picture - just kidding. Two bedrooms on the first floor and three on the second floor. So when are you coming to visit?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It official! We received word that our teaching/service grant to Manila is approved! We are extremely excited to be blessed with this opportunity. As a Rotary University Teacher Scholar, I will participate in Rotary programs and service projects as well as to facilitate international partnerships between my local Rotarian sponsor and host clubs and districts in the Philippines.

The kids made a count-down calendar - 201 days before May 11, 2009. We will spent 3 months during the summer in the Philippines.

I will be teaching a course at this university - Philippines Women's University - a faith-based non sectarian institution of higher education. A good friend- Kiko Benitez whom we know back in our days in Madison, Wisconsin introduced us to this fine establishment.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our first post

Our family decided to start a blog to share our memories - with photos and videos of things we do and places we visit.


Jeff, Gerda, Hannah and David Teo