Saturday, August 1, 2009

Xaimen University - All Day Outing with Kelly - one of my students.

The last class was of course final examinations - many of the students did quite well - I hope they will find the class useful and that they will apply their newly acquired knowledge in their studies.

While the University is well known and established in Xiamen, there is also another Xiamen University on the mainland. We were told that freshmen and sophomores spend their first two years on this campus and then transfer. When Kelly found out of our desire and interest in visiting the mainland campus, she readily volunteered to be our tour guide. Following are some highlights.

Ferry from Xiamen to mainland.

On the ferry; heading to Xiamen University on the mainland.

The mainland campus is equally beautiful - external view of the library - wait till you see the inside!

Impressive library foyer - nice artifacts and well air-conditioned considering the sweltering heat outside.

Another view of the foyer - this time with Kelly - note the gold-plated Quad Dragons artifact.

His and...

Hers - I doubt you can buy one of these at Bed, Bath and Beyond.....

Brand new building - ready to move in - I wonder if there are fish in the lake.....

On top of the Women's Dormitory - Kelly was given permission from the Resident Manager to allow us access to the rooftop.

It was windy up here - much to our delight - since it was a very hot and humid day.

One of 3 Women's Dormitories on the main campus - yes, they have elevators.

Sports Complex with Track and Soccer Field - notice background of 3 tall buildings - we were on the roof top of the middle one.

Since the Men's Dormitories are only 5 stories tall, they are not equipped with elevators!

We had lunch. Kelly and her boyfriend ordered her favorite dishes. She frequented this restaurant as a freshman/sophomore. Delicious and affordable.....

Seafood with Cabbage on a burner.

Claypot Chicken - this was an excellent dish...

Stir-fry veggies.

All-time favorite - Duck Egg Omelet.

Orange Pork with onion and potato - another winner.

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