Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fuzhou with Bob and Ah Na

Bob and Ah Na Gau own No1 China, the only Chinese Restaurant in Black Mountain. We have gotten to know Bob and his family these past few years, first as patrons of his restaurant, but now as friends. We were delighted when they told us of their plans to spend July in Fuzhou, their hometown. Since Fuzhou (northeast of Xiamen) is only a three hour bus ride away, we decided to visit them. We are so glad we did. Here the Teo's join Bob and Ah Na's children: Brittany and Brian.

Bob and Ah Na were the perfect hosts - they took great care of us in Fuzhou - what an enjoyable weekend!!!

Proud owners of a brand-new apartment condominium in Fuzhou - Bob and Ah Na - another successful immigrant story.

In Brittany's room - relaxing on the window seat - notice a building going up in the background. Brian - may the "Peace be with you".

Quality Control - testing out Brittany's brand new bed - it was delivered while we were there.

Their condo has a nice pool - we spent the whole afternoon lazying by the pool area.....

Relaxing in the living room in full air-conditioned comfort. A "peace" loving family no doubt...

We were in food paradise - as you can imagine, the food was heavenly - what else do you expect when Bob cooks for a living!

Exquisite Duck - come on KFC, be bold and broaden your market offering - remember there are 1.2 billion inhabitants in China.

We ate like this for 3 full days! REAL Chinese food - no Moo Goo Gai Pan!!!

No this is not the newest addition to their family - I wonder if the seal speaks Chinese?

Feeding Frenzy. We spent an afternoon at the local zoo - video clip of the kids feeding a school of Koi.

Shopping Paradise - Bob and Ah Na brought us to their favorite shopping haunt - things and food were inexpensive.....

David bought a blown-glass cat statue from this vendor. See video below.

A hawker making paper-thin pancakes with tasty fillings. See video below.

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