Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wuzhen - The Venice of China

What an interesting place to visit - villages on the water edge - this would be a great place to visit during the winter months. Wuzhen, located in the north of Zhejiang Province, is embraced by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with rivers and canals crisscrossing the whole town.

Upon arrival at the city limits, we were advised to take one of these rickshaws as the preferred mode of transport to tour Jiang Nan Watertown.

Must view video - he stressed the importance of safety and he only asked for a dollar.

Part II - He is a sweetheart - honest and hardworking. He made sure we found a suitable hotel.

Resting a bit after a tiring trip from Suzhou - we like it here - the pace is noticeably slower than Suzhou or Shanghai. We can feel the serenity, peacefulness, and subtle beauty of this place.

One can either walk by the banks or take a ferry. For hundreds of years, its residents have been building houses along the rivers and trading near the bridges.

A puppet show - a disappearing art form.

Ferries plying the canal/waterway during the day....

Waterfront properties....

Dusk shot of Wuzhen - a truly stunning place.

Taken from our ferry - night shot of a floating dragon ferry.

Wax statue of ancient warriors.

We had dinner at the restaurant located in the hotel. This dish, braised pork is a Chef's Special.

Beef with Green Peppers.

In all, we were glad to have visited this place - unique and so different than Suzhou or Shanghai - next stop Hangzhou.

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