Sunday, August 9, 2009

Xiamen - Celebrating Singapore National Day

We were invited by the Singapore Consulate to attend the 44th National Day Celebration - after all these years away from Singapore, this is the closest I will ever get. The highlight of the evening besides gathering among Singaporeans living in Xiamen is of course FOOD!!!

Several local businesses and restaurants sponsored this annual event with lots of tasty treats, prepared by local chefs - this is the closest you will ever get to experiencing Singapore food....

So who gets to sit at the head table - easy - make it large enough so that you don't end up missing or offending someone.....

The Singapore National Anthem. This year they started a new tradition - at exactly 8:22 pm - Singaporeans all over the world synchronized their pledge allegiance.

All dressed up and a place to go. It was a fun night - festive with lots of goodwill between the Singaporeans and the Chinese.

The Teo Clan from the US - we dressed up - the traditional national dress/shirt of Singapore - some of you may be aware that the flight attendants on board Singapore Airlines dresses like that - see below.

Son and Mom enjoying the spread...

So here's what they have to say....

Mee Rebus - a local Malay favorite

Singapore Style Fried Chicken, Hainanese Chicken, and Satay with special dipping sauce.

Hannah is certainly enjoying desserts...

Click on this interesting video - so typical of Singaporeans but so much fun. For my stateside friends, 'Yum Seng' is basically a toast/loud exclamations made before an alcoholic drink is consumed. My last "Yum Seng" was in 2000 when our family attended Joe and Aivee Liow's wedding in Singapore....

On stage after all the big-wigs left - what an enjoyable and satisfying evening.

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