Friday, June 19, 2009

President Zhu of Xiamen University

Picture taken by Maria Pan in President Zhu's office on the 18th floor - his office commands a breath-taking view of Xiamen, over-looking the beautiful campus and equally stunning sea views.

View from President Zhu's office on the 18th floor. The University is constantly upgrading and expanding - this building, currently under construction - sports a maritime design accentuating Xiamen's well-known coastal city image.

View from the top - Track and Field Stadium.

The Towering Administration Building where President Zhu's office is on the highest floor.

Opposing view - this time from the base of the Towering Administration Building.

We were guests of President Zhu - he was so gracious with his time. Our meeting was most enjoyable and he was a delight to be with. His assistant, Maria Pan, speaks wonderful English and was ever ready to help Gerda with translation during her conversations with President Zhu.

President Zhu found out that our bedroom wasn't air-conditioned (Hannah and David share a bedroom that is air-conditioned) - actually David was just casually describing to President Zhu our apartment, its features etc. Being a keen listener, he picked up on the fact that our bedroom wasn't air-conditioned. Immediately, he asked for our apartment address and it was then that I realized what he was going to do. I politely asked him not to make any special arrangements since we are doing fine without it - we have a fan.

Well, guess what? The next day, by 3 pm, a crew of three completed the installation of a brand new air-conditioner. Such a kind act, considering the weather today was 93 degrees! Thank you President Zhu!

With President Zhu's able assistant Maria Pan - she spoke very good English!

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