Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Xiamen - Father and Son Day - ATS 2009

David and I visited our first car show, another first in China for us. ATS 2009 is an annual event in Xiamen, showcasing American, European and Chinese cars. As you may have read elsewhere, car sales are up in China in contrast to the US. Judging from the attendees, this local trend will continue.

David posing with the LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO LP 640 - this certainly beats the Matchbox version!

While we were expecting to see cars - this is a car show after all - I was surprised to see the other car 'assessories': models parading with the latest models!

Maybe US auto dealers should consider this marketing ploy to rev up auto sales - well, maybe not!

David is blessed with an outgoing personality, he enjoys meeting new people and likewise, folks here are happy to see him. In a sea of humanity - there were thousands of attendees - this sweet model (we did not get her name) asked to have her picture taken with David. As it turned out, she was the Lamborghini model.


  1. that is funny. I would not mind dong that job. lol!

  2. Jeff, let David know I got a ride in a 700hp Ford GT around the racetrack Friday morning...WOW! Len