Monday, June 1, 2009

Gulang Yu Island - Xiamen

This island is only a short 10 minute ferry from Xiamen. Gulang Yu Island is also affectionately called the Piano Island where a museum houses numerous pianos once owned by a private collector.

The ride to Gulang Yu is free but the return to Xiamen costs 8 Reminbi.

Our personal tour guide - we were blessed to have Mr. Chen Peng - he grew up on Gulang Yu Island and certainly is well-versed in the history of this island.

Mr. Chen Peng in front of his house. His father, a famous medical doctor on the island, built this as a hospital and personal residence in the late 1920s.

Mr. Chen Peng related many of his childhood adventures. Where as a kid, he dived off the top of this gazebo-during high tide of course.

I am sure neither Mr. Chen Peng nor David would want to dive off from the top of the shelter on the left in low tide...

Sunlight Rock - highest peak on Gulang Yu. There are no cars or busses allowed on the island. Access to Gulang Yu is via a 10 minute ferry ride from Xiamen.

Panoramic view from the top of Gulang Yu.

Sidewalk on Gulang Yu Island - Xiamen skyline in the background - incidentally, Xiamen is also an island, connected to mainland China via 4 bridges.

Underwater World Xiamen.

Deep fried calamari anyone?

Church for the inhabitants of Gulang Yu.

Massive rock formation on Gulang Yu.

Like celebrities - both Hannah and David are often asked for pictures....

Sculpture of Zheng Chenggong on Gulang Yu Island. This 1400 ton, 15.7 meter/52 foot statue is built to last. It can withstand Category 12 typhoons and is earthquake-proofed to Richter 8!

On the foot of Zheng Chenggong - tired and worn out after a long day at Gulang Yu.

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