Saturday, June 20, 2009

More on Xiamen

One of four magnificent bridges connecting Xiamen to mainland China.

Tunnels. Every morning at 8 o'clock, without fail, we are greeted with dynamite blasts. They are loud and the windows rattle violently as the sonic boom makes its way to our apartment. When these tunnels are completed, travel around Xiamen's mountainous terrain will be easier. So will sleeping in.

Xiamen Software Park which is adjacent to the Department of Computer Science at Xiamen University

Kite surfing . Being an island surrounded by constant ocean breezes, this popular sport attracts both locals and expatriates.

Kite surfers told us that Xiamen is one of only two locations in China that are conducive to this recreational sport, the other being Hainan Island which lies further south near Macau/Hong Kong.

View of Xiamen from mountain top - a mix of old and new - high rise living is common- place because this city is land-locked.

The Red Sun - we were amazed at the intensity and color of this setting sun.

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