Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures of Xiamen University - it is really a beautiful campus

Before we came, we were told of the beauty of this campus - now, seeing it first hand, we certainly agree!

The Landmark - The Towering Administration Building.

View (from the 18th Floor of the Administration Building) of the Sports Complex housing both an Olympic-sized outdoor pool as well as indoor pools below it.

Sunset view of Furong Lake - this lake sits in front of the Administration Building.

Another view of Furong Lake - actually Montreat College and Xiamen University have at least one thing in common - both institutions are endowed with beautuful lakes.

Building under construction - it is shaped like a ship. Being an island, numerous buildings in Xiamen take on shapes resembling ships.

One of many student dormitories - no elevators though - we were told that buildings not exceeding 8 floors are not required to have elevators!

Happy crew.....

Visual art forms displayed throughout the campus.

A favorite landmark.

Founding Father of Xiamen University - the one on the right!

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