Monday, December 8, 2008

Montreat College Computer Information Systems Majors

Last night, we hosted a fellowship meal. Our last get-together was in August and I prepared barbecue. This time they requested Asian - we had Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Chicken and Vegetable Potstickers, General 'Teos' Chicken, Thai Red Curry served with Chicken and Green Beans and Singapore Shrimp (for those in Singapore, this is the receipe for the Singapore Chili Crab). For desserts, we had Pumpkin and Apple pies. Judging by what were leftover - actually not much - it was a resounding success.

Many of my students are from North Carolina and surrounding states like South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Yet we have one coming from Connecticut and far away countries like Sierra Leone, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. They are taking final examinations this week and then heading home to spend Christmas with their family and love ones.

These students have many talents and gifts and I know, in addition to my teaching, is to help them discover their unique role they play in God's overall plan. Each semester, we strive to learn about technology, its application in the corporate world and how technology can enable firms to be more competitive and productive - after all, we live in a globalized society. So I am blessed to be able to engage them academically, intellectually, spiritually, and equally important, set an example for them - it is certainly a calling and definitely more than a 'job' - a task I am eager to perform daily.

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