Sunday, May 10, 2009

Narita - Singapore

After a somewhat tiring trip ( 2 movies shown on awful projection screens in the Boeing 747 ; one which was certainly not appropriate for Hannah and David), we arrived safely in Narita. As some of you might be aware, airport security is tight in Narita. They make you go through all the hoops.

This time it was even more stringent. We had to remain in the plane for an hour and wait while airport personnel dressed in medical garb ( sort of scary) used special infra-red, heat sensitive cameras to scan all passengers for elevated body temperatures ; precautions taken because of the swine flu outbreak.

But all was well and we were able to catch the connecting flight - barely - this was the first time we did not have to wait in the terminal but proceeded straight after alighting the Boeing 747 to the awaiting Airbus A320.

As you can tell, the newer Airbus A 320 was better equipped - see the individual LCD entertainment screens - 7 hours of entertainment bliss!!!

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