Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Arrived in Singapore

Singapore was familiar territory for Gerda, Hannah and David - their last trip was in 2006, arriving at Terminal 1 at Changi Airport. One of these days we will arrive at Terminal 3 - we understand that United Airlines and certainly Singapore Airlines operate out of this fabulous terminal.

So how can I describe Singapore? For me it is the 3Fs - Family, Friends and Food (not necessarily in this order - just kidding).

Here's a picture of David with his "Kong Kong" - as he is affectionately called - my Dad of course!

Together again. The last time they met was in 2006, but then in the older apartment on Havelock Road ; this time in Jalan Membina.

My second sister, Cindy, was so kind and gracious to put us up at her place. She and her husband Tim, together with their family, reside in a nice house near Changi - away from the hustle and bussel of Singapore.

Picture of David at Cindy's house with her granddaughter Claire - Hannah and David playing and goofing around with their niece......that makes me a granduncle!

The To Clan - from left to right -Jeff, John, Tim, Cindy with little Claire, David, Janet (Tim's sister at her house), Hannah and Gerda.

Janet treated us to a scrumptious seafood dinner at Jumbo's - one of the most established and famous seafood restaurants in Singapore. Enjoy the pictures......

The Emperor's Delight. We were greeted with this awesome appetizer dish - boy, when was the last time you had appetizers like this - notice the statue carved out of a papaya, symbolizing a dragon. Notice the 'fencing' made out of cucumber and tomato painstakingly arranged and so well presented. We were floored!

Close up of the craved Dragon.

Singapore National Dish - Chili Crab.

Monster Claw - prized Sri Lankan Crab.

It was good to meet up with my siblings and their families again. Here's a picture near Changi Beach with my brother, Yong Soon, and sister-in-law Shirley.
Shirley, Yong Soon, David, Gerda and Hannah at Changi Beach.

Shirley with Gerda.

At one of my favorite restaurants - Pow Sing (Chomp Chomp) at Serangoon Garden It was my sister Elaine's treat - with my Mom and Dad. The restaurant serves the ever delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice and Nonya Dishes - Gerda's all-time favorite.

With Elaine and Mom and Dad at Pow Sing.

Hannah and David with Elaine's girls - Jasmine and Jamie at the Pow Sing Restaurant.

Nonya Fish Head Curry at Pow Sing.

Hainanese Chicken Rice at Pow Sing.

Extended Mother's Day Celebration - we celebrated Mother's day with Esther's (my sister, seated in blue) family.

Her husband Lee, far left with their children, Leon, Stacey and Shawn.

Lee's Mom (far left) and his brother, Ang Kee and his wife Suzanne with their children.

Suzanne with Gerda.

At home with Alice, my sister in law, and her son. Her husband, my eldest brother, Victor, is away working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We plan to visit him the following week.

Ashley, my niece, Chloe, my grandniece, Rose, my eldest sister, and Caleb my grandnephew.

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