Saturday, July 18, 2009

Xiamen - Dinner with Wining Team

In addition to lectures, hands-on labs, discussions, quizzes, and tests, and to foster active learning, I organized a competition. The topic was Stenography which is the process of hiding secrets. In Stenography, secrets are hidden using several techniques - the original form of the secrets are untouched. In contrast, encryption employs mathematical algorithms to scramble the secrets making it unreadable without a key.

Breaking up the class into teams of 3, each group is given a set of similar clues to uncover secrets embedded in files - the first team that successfully uncovers all the hidden messages wins a prize - dinner with the professor and his family. The following pictures and videos highlight our evening at Pizza Hut - now this is not 'your father's pizza hut' - this establishment is considered high-end in Xiamen and the one we went to is located on the top of a prime office/retail building located on the waterfront facing Gulang Yu.

The Dinner Party. I asked each group to name their team - it so happened that they called themselves the "Hungry Group" - no wonder they won the competition!

We had to wait in line - about 30 minutes - when was the last time you had to wait just to get into a Pizza Hut in the States?

The elevator ride up - 24 floors - no stop except at the top.

Seafood Pizza - doesn't that look good to you? - for whatever reason, the pizza is not at all greasy like those we have in the States.

I think they liked the pizza - two thumbs up from this crew....

Video clip of dinner discussion - click on it - these are the future leaders of China.

Boy, it was worth all the work I put into the competition - no pain no gain!

Pizza and Star and Strips - how appropriate!

The Mastermind of the Team

Certainly a happy group.....

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