Saturday, July 4, 2009

Xiamen - All Day Outing with Rabin and Lucky

Rabin and Lucky were so kind! They insisted we set aside a day to spend with them (we came on the 4th of July-can you tell?!) because they wanted to share their lives with us. They live about 40 minutes away from the University, in the heart of Xiamen. As a result of this all day outing, we experienced what life is like for a typical Chinese family on their only full day off...Sunday. Here are some of the highlights....

Mountain top with Lucky and her son Teddy

We hiked all the way to the top of the mountain near their home and at the summit, we were presented with a nice view of Xiamen.

There were several temple buildings on top of the mountain - not all completed - apparently some wealthy Taiwanese 'invested' their money to get this project going.

More temples....

We were most impressed with the collection of Bonsai Trees

To read a Chinese Book: You start from the extreme right column and begin to read from the top and then down (North to South) upon which you work your way from right to extreme left (East to West).

After taking in the sights, we went back to their home where Rabin's mom prepared a feast for us. She is certainly an excellent cook and we were completely satisfied and content. Now that is REAL Chinese food! See the video below....

After lunch, we had desserts - look at those delicious, succulent and sweet lychees (far right)...

We had such a great time at their home that we stayed for dinner!!!

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