Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Gerda is thrilled about the snow - she grew up in Michigan where snow like this was a common occurrence during the winter months - me I am happy without the snow though today's snow is much appreciated.

Walking to church (see below) - never imagine we get snowed in - our regular church about 25 minutes drive is canceled. Montreat EPC Presbyterian which is located in Montreat College is open for Sunday worship.

View from my office - background is Gaither Chapel where worship and chapel takes place. It is a mile from our home.

We live in the mountains - 3,500 feet above sea level - it is so pretty up here.

Lake Susan is 2 minutes walk from my office - in the past, we fished for rainbow trouts on the lake

Notice the ice forming

Pay attention to the sign!

Ice skating anyone?

We probably received 15 inches of snow - look at the picnic table - for my Singaporean friends, the snow makes great ice-kachang!!! What is ice-kachang? See below for a clue....

Our front of the house covered with snow...

Snow-covered front, back, and centered.

Granny covered with snow - we fondly call our 1997 Toyota Camry because she is old but feisty - 235,200 miles (376,320 km) - can you beat that? We intend to keep her as long as she allows us to....

Getting ready - the outdoors is their playground....

Satisfied owner/builder of a fort....

The fort is complete.....

Lying on a bed of snow - he was born in Madison, Wisconsin - a snow tiger.

Ice-kachang anyone? (my Singaporean/Malaysian/Asian friends will know what it is) - see below for a clue.


Video of David sledging and great view of Lake Susan.

David had the best time - he was flying in the air.

With more practice, he soon became good at it.

Look at those eyes - moments of fear and thrill all mixed together - no broken legs thankfully.

See David in action - I hope he doesn't become a speed-junkie.

After sledging, we walked around Lake Susan and took pictures of the swans.

Look at this shot - the Sony Cybershot DSC-H20 takes great pictures at 10.1 megapixel as well as zoomable HD videos (unlike the Canons) - the sun shone on these Wood Ducks also called Mandarin Ducks just as I captured the shot. The water in the lake is crystal-clear.

Resting by the shore.

By the way, these are males - the female Wood Ducks are mostly dark brown and not as vibrant.

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