Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guess What Come In The Mail?

I receive lots of textbooks from various publishers to review for the courses I teach and so when I opened a package today, I thought it was another one for consideration. To my surprise, it was the textbook I wrote a chapter on titled "Trusted Computing: Evolution and Direction" - it is gratifying to see the fruit of my labor from last summer in print and for that I am grateful.

The following is an abstract of my chapter "To effectively combat cyber threats, our network defenses must be equipped to thwart dangerous attacks. However, our software-dominated defenses are woefully inadequate. The Trusted Computing Group has embarked on a mission to use an open standards-based interoperability framework utilizing both hardware and software implementations to defend against computer attacks. Specifically, this group uses trusted hardware called the trusted platform module (TPM) in conjunction with TPM-enhanced software to provide better protection against such attacks. This chapter will detail a brief history of trusted computing, the goals of the Trusted Computing Group and the workings of trusted platforms".

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